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About Qinsun Instruments

Qinsun Instruments Co., Ltd was founded in 2010,is a global leading textile testing instruments manufacturer.Focus on developing and manufacturing textile testing equipment,laboratory equipment, protective clothing testing equipment, mask testing equipment.

We are very in place for textile testing and quality control.we have our own textile testing laboratory,The textile testing equipment and testing methods are in the leading position in the industry and passed a number of textile testing institutes and iso textile testing standards. Based on requirement, we can provide textile testing techniques pdf manual.

Our textile testing instruments are sold well in the US, UK, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and other regions,welcome to orderd($) https://www.qinsun-lab.com [+More]

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Textile Testing Instruments Manufacture

Textile Testing Machine Manufacturers

Qinsun specialize in R&D,design and manufacture of high quality textile laboratory instrument.is a global tpremier textile testing instruments manufacturer.

Free provided the following files

Textile testing equipment manufacturer pdf

Textile & Leather testing guidance video

Textile testing methods manual

Textile lab equipment list

Types of textile testing list pdf

Handbook of textile testing and quality control pdf

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