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About Qinsun Instruments

Qinsun Instruments Co.,Ltd was founded in 2010,is a global leading textile testing instruments manufacturer .Focus on developing and manufacturing laboratory Testing Instrument:   Textile Fabric testing instruments, Mask Protective Clothing Testing Equipments, Textile Fabric Abrasion Tester, Accelerated Weathering Tester, Corrosion Chamber...

We are very in place for textile testing and quality control.we have our own textile testing laboratory,The textile testing equipments and testing methods are in the leading position in the industry and passed a number of textile testing institutes and ASTM / ISO / EN textile testing standards. Based on requirement,we can provide Test Equipments Training PDF manuals and guides.

We are the best remier supplier of textile testing machine for labs,Government organizations,Universities. Our textile testing equipments(textile fabric abrasion tester, color fastness testing machine, crock meter machine, fabric tensile tester, yarn abrasion tester, fabric bursting strength tester,martindale abrasion machine...) are exported to the Philippines,India,US,UK,Pakistan,Bangladesh and other regions. Order now get discount price:($) Email:info@qinsun-lab.com [+More]

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