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Test method of moisture permeability tester for medical protective clothing

The moisture permeability tester is used to test the moisture permeability of various coated fabrics, composite fabrics, composite films, plastic films, exchange films and other materials, and is often used to test medical protective clothing. Test method for moisture permeability of protective clot...


The matters about respiratory resistance tester of masks

For ordinary consumers, the most practical feeling about the breathing resistance of masks is whether it is stuffy or not. Here, we use the Mask Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester G293 produced in international standards to measure the inspiratory resistance and expiratory resistance of respirat...


Automated Filter Tester Electronic Features and Advantages

As the last and most important line of defense for front-line workers to prevent respiratory occupational hazards, the good protective performance of dust mask is bad for personal safety and health, and filtering efficiency is one of the key parameters to evaluate the performance of dust mask. There...


What is Automated Filter Tester for Material and Respirator ?

2021 has entered February, but the global pneumonia epidemic situation in COVID-19 is still not optimistic, that is to say, the industries related to the epidemic situation are still in short supply, such as the production of disposable products such as N95 masks and protective clothing, and all maj...


PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester Scope of application

The Mask Leak testing device is used to simulate the ratio of the concentration of the simulated agent leaked into the mask when the subject inhales to the concentration of the simulated agent in the test environment outside the respirator mask under the specified laboratory test environment. It can...


EN 136 Mask Visual Field Testing Machine Maintenance Method

Every day, when we wear masks, whether it is N95 masks or ordinary disposable masks, mask manufacturers will take a certain proportion of masks to do a series of factory tests before they are sold. Qinsun , as a mask testing equipment manufacturer with ten years of experience in production and desig...


What is a Mask Filter Performance Tester?

What is a Mask Filter Performance Tester ? The automated respirator filter tester for masks detects the filter efficiency and resistance of mask filter material, and the ventilation resistance p of plane mask. Its technical specifications can meet the requirements for testing the filtration efficien...


Automatic Filter Efficiency Tester Filtering Characteristics and Methods

In the past 2020, masks, epidemic prevention and new crown pneumonia have been popular high-frequency search terms. In the past year, Qinsuns Filter Performance Tester of Responder series products have been exported to many countries, and the export quantity is several times that of previous years. t...