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EN 136 Mask Visual Field Testing Machine Maintenance Method

Every day, when we wear masks, whether it is N95 masks or ordinary disposable masks, mask manufacturers will take a certain proportion of masks to do a series of factory tests before they are sold. Qinsun , as a mask testing equipment manufacturer with ten years of experience in production and desig...


What is a Mask Filter Performance Tester?

What is a Mask Filter Performance Tester ? The automated respirator filter tester for masks detects the filter efficiency and resistance of mask filter material, and the ventilation resistance p of plane mask. Its technical specifications can meet the requirements for testing the filtration efficien...


Automatic Filter Efficiency Tester Filtering Characteristics and Methods

In the past 2020, masks, epidemic prevention and new crown pneumonia have been popular high-frequency search terms. In the past year, Qinsuns Filter Performance Tester of Responder series products have been exported to many countries, and the export quantity is several times that of previous years. t...


What is textile testing index from Air Flow Resistance Tester

Textile testing equipment is urgently needed for some industries, especially for some enterprises that manufacture masks and protective clothing. Although the products are in urgent need of mass production, the premise of being able to sell is absolute safety. Therefore, equipment such as automated f...


More Accurate About Automated Filter Tester G506

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread worldwide in the early part of this year, one of the first things to become clear was the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) facemasks in particular was not ready for the ensuing surge in demand. Mask manufacturers have become a hot spot in 2020, an...


Comparison of mask and respirator filtration test methods

NIOSH has issued a federal registration notice to explore the possibility of incorporating FDA-required mask (SMs) filtration tests into the 42 CFR Part 84 respirator certification process. No published study compares the NIOSH-certified filtration efficiency test method for the N95 filter mask respi...


Factors of affecting fabric resistance to hydrostatic pressure test

Hydrostatic pressure test (also called water permeability test) is one of the important indexes of waterproof and moisture permeable fabrics. Hydrostatic pressure refers to the resistance encountered when water passes through fabrics. Under the condition of standard atmospheric pressure, the fabric b...


Understand the professional testing of masks/protective clothing

There are many kinds of masks. What kind of masks are effective and what kind of masks are qualified? Qualified masks need to pass the national standard inspection, and only those products that pass the inspection are qualified products. From the production to the use of the general public, masks wil...