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Button tension tester calibration steps

The button tension tester is used to test the adhesion strength of buttons, buttons and fasteners on the garment, and to measure the fastening force of the button or the destructive force of detaching from the clothing. Testing purposes: defines the quality of garment manufacturing to ensure that but...


Operation steps of fabric wettability tester

The fabric wettability tester can be used to evaluate the water repellency of the fabric surface. The instrument is an all-metal frame. Quantitative distilled water passes through a standard nozzle and sprays the sample at a distance of 150mm below 45 degrees. After the test, the sample surface is co...


ASTM F1955 test experiment

1. This standard specifies the testing methods and requirements for sleeping bags: 1). The average burning speed does not exceed 15cm/min (6in./min) 2). The burning speed of any sample cannot exceed 20cm/min 2. Test preparation 1). Sample: 30cm (12in.)36cm (14in.), if the specified size cannot be cu...


Main parameters of curtain burning tester

The curtain burning tester is used to test the flame retardancy of single-layer or multi-layer curtains, curtains and other suspended fabrics, but it cannot be used for fabrics with a gram of more than 700g/m2 (21oz/yd2). Applicable standards: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) NFPA 701: 20...


What are the textile quality inspection items

The quality inspection report is a written report that reflects the quality of the product and the project after performing quality inspection and quality supervision on products and projects according to standardized requirements, and is a written report that reflects the quality of products and pr...


How to do the pilling test with the circular trajectory pilling instrument

The circular trajectory pilling instrument is used to test the pilling condition of wool fabrics, chemical fiber cotton, blended spinning, knitting, and woven fabrics to identify product quality and process effects. During the test, the fabric rubs with the nylon brush and the abrasive, or rubs with ...


Main features of hydrostatic pressure water resistance tester

The hydrostatic pressure tester is suitable for outdoor sportswear waterproof test, umbrella test, waterproof fabric test; jacket, medical protective clothing protective material permeability, blood permeability test. Dynamic test, static test and custom procedure test are used to test the water repe...


Analysis of the structure and principle of the washing durability tester

Paint is a special main material in home decoration, accounting for 80% of the entire decoration area. The paint directly determines the overall decoration effect and the room environment, and directly affects the health of the family. The scrub resistance of the paint is not as high as possible. Sc...


Chrysler bending tester test steps

The Chrysler bending tester is designed to test the adhesion of the coating material on the base fabric by bending and folding, that is, the mechanical stability of the coating. The design is based on the Chrysler laboratory test method LP-463LB-9-01. This test characterizes the adhesion of the coat...


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