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What is bacterial filtration efficiency tester for meltblown cloth

The bacterial filtration efficiency tester of meltblown cloth adopts the method of simultaneous comparative sampling with two air paths,which is used to test the bacterial filtration efficiency of melt-blown cloth used in the production of masks. What are their characteristics? Below, Qinsun Instrum...


Welcome to order Qinsun's EN iso 9237 air permeability tester

The gas permeability tester adopts the principle of differential pressure test, which is specially suitable for testing the gas permeability of various high permeability materials such as battery diaphragm and breathable film and related polymer products. EN iso 9237 air permeability tester is a tes...


About Air Permeability Test Equipment Test principle

The barrier property of packaging material is one of the main factors that determine its application field and content quality. Oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases penetrating through packaging materials will significantly affect the quality of products. Therefore, it is necessary to select mater...


How to choose pilling and snagging tester

What is the pilling and snagging tester ? Testing equipment used to test the fuzzing and pilling degree of textiles includes disc pilling instrument, martindale pilling instrument, box pilling tester and so on. The classification of pilling test in domestic standards is too fine, which is easy to be...


What is Air Filter Testing Equipment?

What is Air Filter Testing Equipment ? It is suitable for testing the efficiency of 40-99.999% masks, and testing masks according to international standards. The whole test bench is compact and light in design and structure, and only needs to provide suitable power supply and compressed air (water-f...


How to choose AFC-133 Filter Material Test Bench?

It has been more than a year since the outbreak of pneumonia in COVID-19. In this year, all countries in the world are actively fighting against this century-old human catastrophe. Facing the virus, how to protect medical staff and avoid more people from infection has become a difficult problem. Mas...


Test method of moisture permeability tester for medical protective clothing

The moisture permeability tester is used to test the moisture permeability of various coated fabrics, composite fabrics, composite films, plastic films, exchange films and other materials, and is often used to test medical protective clothing. Test method for moisture permeability of protective clot...


The matters about respiratory resistance tester of masks

For ordinary consumers, the most practical feeling about the breathing resistance of masks is whether it is stuffy or not. Here, we use the Mask Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester G293 produced in international standards to measure the inspiratory resistance and expiratory resistance of respirat...


Automated Filter Tester Electronic Features and Advantages

As the last and most important line of defense for front-line workers to prevent respiratory occupational hazards, the good protective performance of dust mask is bad for personal safety and health, and filtering efficiency is one of the key parameters to evaluate the performance of dust mask. There...