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Analysis of the structure and principle of the washing durability tester

Paint is a special main material in home decoration, accounting for 80% of the entire decoration area. The paint directly determines the overall decoration effect and the room environment, and directly affects the health of the family. The scrub resistance of the paint is not as high as possible. Sc...


Chrysler bending tester test steps

The Chrysler bending tester is designed to test the adhesion of the coating material on the base fabric by bending and folding, that is, the mechanical stability of the coating. The design is based on the Chrysler laboratory test method LP-463LB-9-01. This test characterizes the adhesion of the coat...


Basic knowledge of textile and clothing inspection and testing

The textile and clothing industry is closely related to our daily lives. Testing on textiles also includes many items. With the rapid economic development, testing is constantly updated. QINSUN will show you these necessary tests. 1. shrink test (Whirlpool 3LWTW4815FW) 1) Purpose: To determine the di...


Test steps of zipper fatigue tester

The zipper fatigue tester is used to test whether various zippers can withstand a specified number of reciprocating pulling operations under the action of transverse and longitudinal tension, and to evaluate the fatigue performance of the zipper. Applicable standards: CNS-1083, QB/T2171~2173 working ...


Button strength tester operation process

The button strength tester can do a uniform and vertical tensile test on various buttons on the clothing to detect whether the firmness can meet the relevant safety standards. Testing purposes: The purpose of this test is to define the responsibility of the garment manufacturer to ensure that the but...


How to use the rating observation board

The rating observation board is to evaluate the wrinkle, smoothness and stitch marks of textiles, as well as oil stains, etc., and provide accurate AATCC standard observation conditions. On the standard light source and evaluation board, the appearance of the sample is evaluated and graded by compar...


The hydrostatic pressure test of the fabric and its influencing factors

Hydrostatic pressure tester is one of the important indexes of waterproof and moisture-permeable fabrics. Hydrostatic pressure refers to the resistance encountered when water passes through the fabric. Under standard atmospheric pressure conditions, the fabric is subjected to continuously rising wat...