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Tape abrasion tester

Tape abrasion tester

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Product Features:

The tape abrasion test machine having a number of times to reach the stop function and having breaks down function, which can reduce product testing abrasion tests error, better test for a customer to save paper

Tape abrasion test machine make wear test of various surface coating consumption test with mobile phone, PDA, MP3, CD and laptop, the load 275g, 175g.55g. Scroll uncoated paper or tape friction with the sample oil after the determination of the effect of the wear certain number of rotation

Technical Parameters:

1, the test load (g): 55g g175g 275g
2, test speed: 16 R / MIN
3, machine size: 530 * 490 * 410 (mm)
4, Machine Weight: 59kg
5, power supply: 1Φ, 220V, 5A or designated

Product Configuration:

A set of tools, a magnifying glass.;
Test load: 55g, 175g, one each;
A flat retainer;
3 O-ring. Lap tape

paper tape abrasion tester


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