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wet penetration textile test instrument

wet penetration textile test instrument

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The Wet microbial penetration resistance tester is used to determine the performance of the material in the resistance to the penetration of bacteria in the liquid during mechanical friction (the shielding performance of the liquid carrying the bacteria through the mechanical friction).

Applicable Standards:
YY/T 0506.6-2009  Surgical drapes, gowns and clean air suits, used as medical devices, for patients, clinical staff and equipment-Part 6:Test method to determine the resistance to wet bacterial penetration


Rotary speed: (60 ± 1)rpm
The test refers to the pressure on the material: (3±0.02)N
Outward wheel speed: 5~6 rpm
Timer set range: 0~99.99min
The inner and outer ring weights: (800±1)g

Product accessories:

RULLA 2 frame
RULLA 2 support cylinder (90 mm in diameter, 40 mm high)
RULLA 2 wet resistance tester (including: 1x HDPE safety strip, 1x PU / PE strip)
RULLA 2 Reference  (10 / pk)
According to EN ISO 22610: 135 g / m2 Polyester cloth according to ISO 15707 standard for cleaning
RULLA 2 Petri dish (diameter * height: 140 * 20 mm)

surgical operation clothig wet penetration tester



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