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Measurement Of color Fastness To Perspiration

Perspiration fastness refers to the ability not to fade and not to stain when dyed fabric is perspired. Peoples sweat consists of complicate composition, and its main composition is salt. Sweat is divided into acidity and basicity due to difference of people. Textiles contact long with sweat has a l...


Determination of Fabric Abrasion Resistance

Fabric Abrasion resistance is measured in a laboratory by rotating a paper sample under abrasive wheels for a set length of time, and then measuring the samples change in weight.Abrasion resistance is the ability of a fabric to withstand surface wear from rubbing. The test methods include ASTM 4157-...


Flammability of Interior materials

This standard specifies burn resistance requirements for materials used in the occupant compartment of motor vehicle.The purpose of this standard is to reduce the deaths and injuries to motor vehicle occupants caused by vehicle fires,especially those originating in the interior of the vehicle from...


Colour Fastness of Leather to Machine Washing

EN ISO 15702 / IUF 435 : Fastness of the colour of leather to machine washing is the resistance to washing under domestic machine laundering in water. In washing leather, not only changes in colour can occur in the leather, but coloured substances may bleed from it and may stain adjacent textile m...


Colour Fastness of Leather to Rubbing

ENISO11640/IUF450: This method is intended for determining the transfer of colour and the behaviour of the surface of a leather on rubbing with an undyed wool felt. The felt may become coloured through transfer of any kind of coloured matter, e.g. finish, pigment, dyestuff and buffing dust. Method:...


How to do Laundry rightly?

Laundry is something that many of us do every day. Even if youve been doing laundry for years, there are times that the results are less than perfect. What went wrong? These ten tips will help you get the best results possible every time you do a load of laundry. Select the Right Water Temperature:S...


New Test Methods for textile industry

Test methods are developed and updated through collaboration of individuals in all sectors of the industry. New Test Methods TM148-2014, Light Blocking Effect of Textiles and Related Materials: Photodetetector Method. Reactivated with a new title. This method measures the light blocking properties o...


SpaceX caught fire during tests

As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of mans greatest achievements that putting man on the moon, Elon Musks space company SpaceX is busy preparing for the next big leap: putting a man on Mars. To this end, the california-based aerospace company conducted a static ignition test of Star...


ISO 105 X12 Color Fastness Testing

What is color fastness? Color fastness is a term used in the textile industry to describe the resistance of a fabric against color fading or color transfer. 1、There are different types of colour fastness. The common ones are: 2、Color fastness to Washing 3、Color fastness to Light 4、Color fast...


Test method of textile printing fastness

The invention discloses a test method of textile printing fastness. The test method comprises the following steps of: carrying out a speedy washing test to draw a conclusion of receiving or not; carrying out a practical family washing test to draw a conclusion of receiving or not; and carrying out a...


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