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Three Tips For Proventing The Novel Coronavirus Infection

Nowadays, a virus named novel coronavirus pneumonia NCP suddenly becomes the popular and terrible news in the global. Early detection, early reporting, early diagnosis, early isolation, and early treatment are the most effective measures. It is extremely important for the confirmed cases to get an e...


Types and Importance of Textile Testing

The most obvious reason for textile testing is that it allows companies, consumer groups and the government to make sure textiles are safe, of good quality, and that the customer is getting what they are paying for. Textile products are made around the world, and sent to markets around the world. Te...


The Application Of Coated Fabrics

Using textiles with high durability against wear and abrasions is especially important in the medical and military fields where product failure is not an option. While sourcing fabrics, it is beneficial to have knowledge of what qualities you want your end product to have, and any special elements y...


Thermal Analysis Of Fibers

Physical and chemical changes in fibers may be investigated by measuring changes in selected properties as small samples of fiber are heated at a steady rate over a given temperature range in an inert atmosphere such as nitrogen. The four thermal characterization methods are differential thermal ana...


Methods Of Classifying Textile Fibers

Textile fibers are normally broken down into two main classes, natural and man-made fibers. All fibers which come from natural sources (animals,plants, etc.) and do not require fiber formation or reformation are classed as natural fibers. Natural fibers include the protein fibers such as wool and si...


The standards for sun-protective clothing

There have been sun protective clothing standards in the USA since 2001.In the USA, testing is performed according to the standard AATCC183 available from the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists . In Australia, the fabric is tested in new condition. In the USA there is an addition...


Study On Fabric Properties Affecting Abrasion

Fabric construction, thickness, weight, the number of yarn (thread density) and interlacing per unit area are the fabric properties affecting abrasion. Weave type has a significant effect on abrasion resistance of the fabrics. Woven fabric properties will differ by changing the weave pattern which i...


Abrasive wear in textiles

Abrasive wear,occurs when a hard rough surface slides across a softer surface. ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) defines it as the loss of material due to hard particles or hard protuberances that are forced against and move along a solid surface. Abrasive wear is commonly classified...


3W To Fabric Pilling

What is fabric pilling? Fabric pilling is the formation of small, fuzzy balls on the surface of a fabric. It detracts from the appearance of the fabric, making it look old and worn, and it is often difficult to restore a garment with fabric pilling to its original condition. Certain types of fibers ...


An Overview Of Global Textile Yarn Market

A continuous length of long interlocked fibers is known as yarn; it used in the various process of the textiles production such as weaving, sewing, embroidery, rope making, knitting, and crocheting. The thread is kind of textile yarn specially intended for sewing by machine or hand. Embroidery threa...


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