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Safty Design In Home Furniture

There is a plentiful supply of appropriately treated and certified materials that will be compliant in your destination market, from the Americas, through the EU and on to China and Australasia. you can improve fire safety of your products with a range of materials, components and fire safety testin...


what you should know for starting Textile Business

Textile manufacturing is a $60 billion per year industry in the U.S. With numbers like that, its easy to see why textile retailing is an appealing business concept for entrepreneurs. From local craft stores to online textile providers, the retail textile trade is a vibrant business sector. But since...


Safety Flammability Requirements For Children’s Sleepwear

The US has two regulations for the flammability of childrens wearing apparel intended to be worn primarily for sleeping or activities related to sleeping in order to reduce the risk of burn injuries and loss of life from fires associated with childrens sleepwear. All childrens sleepwear, sizes 0 to ...


Why Gloves should be Cut-Resistant

In 2015, there were more than 902,000 nonfatal injuries involving days away from work in private industry. Injuries to upper extremities topped the list with more than 294,000 injuries, and injuries to the hand accounted for more than 124,000 of those injuries. In an effort to understand the inciden...


Colour Fastness testing method

Property of a pigment or dye to retain its original hue, especially without fading, running, or changing when wetted, washed, cleaned; or stored under normal conditions when exposed to light, heat, or other influences. Color fastness is usually assessed separately with respect to : Changes in the co...


Effect of Reactive Groups of Reactive Dyes on Dyeing of Modal Fabrics

Modal is a kind of man-made material. Its a variation of rayon, made by spinning Cellulose fibers. Its more absorbent than cotton or other synthetic fabrics. It also takes Dye well,and is very colorfast. It has a soft, slinky texture, making it comfortable to wear [1]. Modal is essentially a variety...


EU Technical Textiles Market Forcast

Driven by increasing demand for technical textiles in the European Union, the market is expected to continue an upward consumption trend over the next seven years. Market performance is forecast to decelerate, expanding with an anticipated CAGR of +0.2% for the seven-year period from 2018 to 2025, w...


The Growth Of Conductive Textile Market

A conductive textile can be defined as a fabric which is made from the strands of metal that are woven, blended, or coated during the creation of the textile. Conductive metals such as silver, titanium, gold, nickel, and carbon are utilised by the textile. Conductive textiles inhabit the property th...


Test Methods To Evaluate Clearcoat Scratch Resistance

Currently, automobile coating manufacturers use two simple test methods to evaluate clearcoat scratch resistance and predict field performance: the crockmeter and the Amtech-Kistler car wash. The former is a device that uses a robotic finger moving back and forth with varying degrees of force to mim...


Seam weld shell element model for thin walled structure FE fatigue design

In automotive industry, the FE fatigue analysis of mechanical structures made of steel thin walled parts and seam welded assemblies uses a dedicated technique based on shell element modelling for components and on 1D rigid elements for welds [1, 2]. The stress tensor components are calculated at the...


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