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New Test Methods for textile industry

Test methods are developed and updated through collaboration of individuals in all sectors of the industry. New Test Methods TM148-2014, Light Blocking Effect of Textiles and Related Materials: Photodetetector Method. Reactivated with a new title. This method measures the light blocking properties o...


SpaceX caught fire during tests

As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of mans greatest achievements that putting man on the moon, Elon Musks space company SpaceX is busy preparing for the next big leap: putting a man on Mars. To this end, the california-based aerospace company conducted a static ignition test of Star...


ISO 105 X12 Color Fastness Testing

What is color fastness? Color fastness is a term used in the textile industry to describe the resistance of a fabric against color fading or color transfer. 1、There are different types of colour fastness. The common ones are: 2、Color fastness to Washing 3、Color fastness to Light 4、Color fast...


Test method of textile printing fastness

The invention discloses a test method of textile printing fastness. The test method comprises the following steps of: carrying out a speedy washing test to draw a conclusion of receiving or not; carrying out a practical family washing test to draw a conclusion of receiving or not; and carrying out a...


American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards on slip resistance

In order to assess slip-related safety we need know the slip resistance test standards for use.There are many different slip-resistance testing standards. The proliferation of standards creates confusion by both consumers of slip-resistance testing services and even those offering such services. Bel...


Two Things To Consider For Purchasing Safety Footwear

The function of footwear is to provide protection, safety, comfort, and enhanced performance during dynamic and static activities. With respect to safety and performance, it is essential that footwear deter slipping. Slipping has been reported as being responsible for 62% of underfoot accidents in t...


Why do slips occur?

In 2008, slips and trips were responsible for 6.9% of occupational sprain and strain injuries and accounted for 3% of all occupational injuries and illnesses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that falls on the same level and falls to a lower level have incidence rates per 10,000 full-time work...


The high-alloy carbon steel used in mining tools of Wear mechanisms

Archards equation describes the easiest forms of wear, see Equation 1. The theory of Archard says that the volume loss will be a linear function of rubbing distance at constant wear speed and the volumetric wear rate will be proportional to the applied load. Presence of water: The presence of water ...


Wear Testing Method of Pin-on-Disk Apparatus

For the pin-on-disk wear test, two specimens are required. One, a pin with a radiused tip, is positioned perpendicular to the other, usually a flat circular disk. A ball, rigidly held, is often used as the pin specimen. The test machine causes either the disk specimen or the pin specimen to revolve ...


Applications of Textiles in the medical field

Medical textiles are used for external applications on body that means those are used outside the human body to assist the recovery of wounds are called non-implantable medical textiles. Non-implantable products are typically used to provide protection against infection, to absorb blood and exudates...


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