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Company Profile Qinsun Instruments Co., Ltd was founded in 2010,comprised of many experienced engineers and designers standing in the forefront of the industry. Qinsun specialize in the research and development of high quality lab instrument for textile testing industry. Our head office in Shanghai and we provide high quality testing instrument and comprehensive service for textile factory,academic research institute and textile lab worldwide. We always develop the highly sophisticated test instrument which can meet the vari... [More]

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  • The Test Method of Nail Bed Flammable Tester

    The tester is designed for determining the flammability of cloth toys and plush toys, used in the detection of flammability of flammable hair, and recording the burning time, to mak...More+09-18·
  • The Testing Method of sublimation fastness tester

    Heat color fastness refers to the ability to keep original color of dyed fabrics under conditions of different heat. Heat color fastness test can be done in dry, tide, wet environme...More+09-18·
  • The Method Gelbo Flex Testing

    Material that is a nonporous, flexible film can be used for gelbo flex testing. Typically, this is a clear plastic film that you would see on the on the reverse side of Tyvek pouch ...More+09-11·

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